Full Dentures Versus Partial Dentures

Posted on: March 9, 2020

Denture Shrewsbury, MA

Patients who are getting ready to talk to their dental professional about getting dentures should be excited to know that there is now a multitude of options to consider. Not to even mention the types of dentures that people now have the option to get.

In years past, the option was to have all of the teeth removed and use full dentures. Now, there are partial dentures bringing in an array of opportunities for the patient.

Both full and partial dentures are a great option for someone with missing teeth.

A comparison of dentures

The following is a little information about the two types of dentures as well as some pros and cons.

Full dentures

The option of having a full set of dentures is what comes to mind when thinking of a solution with multiple tooth gaps or of too many unhealthy teeth. After speaking and working with their dentist, as well as the denture specialist, the patient may decide to receive these.

This is when the real work begins:

  • Once the teeth have been removed, the dentist will take the molds and measurements to have a full set of dentures constructed for the patient
  • The dentures are then dipped in a wax compound, this ensures you will not have a too pearly white of a smile. (This portion is when the color and textures will be chosen)
  • After the lab puts the finishing touches on the dentures, it will be sent to the dentist to fit on the patient and ensure a correct bite and placement

This process ends with a fresh full pair of dentures as well as information and instructions from your dental professional.

Partial dentures

If a patient has multiple teeth in a line that need to be replaced, but have two healthy teeth on each side, then there is the option of partial dentures to complete the job.

Partial dentures work by using the healthy teeth as fasteners that can clamp and secure the line of teeth. Typically, dental crowns are fastened on to wireframes and can be positioned between the teeth taking on the look of a person’s natural teeth. Instead of having the whole array of teeth pulled out, the partial dentures simply require two healthy teeth.

The pros and cons

There are about three things that most people think of when they are about considering medical decisions. Price, variety and upkeep.

The price comparison will naturally be a little higher with full dentures because you are having complete tooth removal. Now denture selection in itself is another topic, but when it comes to full denture versus partial dentures, the partial option has more leeway when it comes to the steps taken and the price range. Dentures are an investment and you have to clean them as such. There are also going to be differences in the cleaning process for each denture and the types of items that can be used to ensure that each look and feel their best.

Final note

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